Here is a selection of my freelance features published by newspapers and magazines. Tearsheets can be supplied on request.


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House newspapers edited

Interflora News

Edelscene (fashion client)

The Call Boy (British Music Hall Society magazine)

Regular columns

Adline magazine:

North west correspondent covering advertising, PR and business

Lady Gossip:

Profiles, including novelist Pamela Haines, entrepreneur Jess D'Silva, Diana Lamplugh, Dame Edna Everage, Olive Shapley, Bobbie Collins (MD Naturally Yours cosmetics), actress Brigit Forsyth, vocalist-comedienne Rosalind Miller, Sylvia Mayall (drove through 37 countries for children's charity), Ideal Home Exhibition.

Manchester Justice:

On becoming a magistrate; The eye in the sky (police helicopter); A helping hand for the lost children of Romania; On the beat (police horses); Alternative policing: is it the answer?; Designing out crime; profile deputy clerk David Scanlan; Could Home Watch be the answer?; The magistrate as victim; Sniffing for drugs (airport sniffer dogs); Veronica's swap shop (profile of rota clerk); A life in the day of an usher (chief usher Jean Knott); Magistrate in the media (profile Lorraine Worsley, presenter GMR Cares); Man of many parts (Wadi Nassar, JP); England's very own Shirley Temple (Ann Leece, JP); A Rose by any other name (do names affect people's lives?); Styal has it (IT at Styal prison); An Egyptian experience (Rick Childs JP visits the Luxor Bench); Down to reality (Wallen Matthie JP, broadcaster); Policing the motorway; Justice magazine moves on (new editor); Mountain climb raises funds for Christie Hospital; Journey to Lourdes; Book Reviews.

The Magistrate:

Profiles of JPs, including a woman who was once shot out of a cannon and works with deaf people; the official broderer for the Globe Theatre; Colin Parry and the Tim Parry/Jonathan Ball centre in Warrington; a magician; a female sailor and a long service retiree.

Freelance Features

Chat - Up, up and away! (British Caledonian Airways)

Fashion and Craft - Behind the Seens (sic) (Platt Hall Gallery of English Costume)

The Townswoman - Housework - dull and dreary, say men

Looks - Buylines (fashion supplement: Manchester section)

Family Circle - Vege wholehealth cookery courses

Wedding and Home - Regional round-up, north west fashion

Newscheck - Training for life and work (YMCA Youth training projects)

Initiatives - Training for life in Manchester

Record - Profile, Francis Chittenden, Manchester Business School

Record - Manchester Airport and business travel

Training and Development - Investing in training quality and care

North West Times - Confidence is the key (women in business)

Training Officer - A look at the YMCA

The Daily Telegraph - Finding a niche with enthusiasm (workshops for women)

The Stage - Craig takes the biscuit (BBC radio producer, Mike Craig receives a Variety Club Laughter Award)

The Daily Telegraph - A toast to the toastmaster by Women of the North (first female toastmaster)

The Stage - Music Hallmark (British Music Hall Society celebrates its 25th anniversary)

The Stage - This could be Valentine's day (Valentine Palmer, trainer of TV presenters)

Candis - When right is wrong (left-handers)

Prep School - The left-handed child

Occupational Health - Is it all right to be left?

Contact - Caring for left-handed children

Special Children - Left to their own devices

Topic - Helping left-handed children

The Lady - Piecing Together (mosaicry workshop)

Set (research information for teachers) - Helping left-handed children

Manchester Evening News - Tune that name! (Laurence Payg, name consultant)

Manchester Evening News - Fully vetted (Carole Brown vetts homes for the RSPCA)

The Sunday Times Style section - What's in a name?

The Guardian - Left in the lurch (left-handed office)

The Guardian - Stars in her eyes (profile Janet Eaton at Jodrell Bank radio telescope)

Mxlexia - First person singular column - tracking the progress of a radio play through the BBC system

Viva - All in the balance (healthy eating) - Travel Guide - Gardens and Lemons (the British legacy in Menton)

Chapter & Verse - Getting away with Blue Murder (crime writer Cath Staincliffe)

Writing Magazine - How to find an agent

Latest Edition - Cath Staincliffe

Freelance Market News - Finding an agent (press the link to see the article)