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Diane Paul launches book blog

Editorial consultant and author Diane Paul has launched a blog for readers, writers and anyone who loves the written word at Bookblog for Bookworms. (Click for more)

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Diane Paul launches book blog

Editorial consultant and author Diane Paul has launched a blog for readers, writers and anyone who loves the written word at Bookblog for Bookworms.

It includes book reviews of new and old titles, fiction and non-fiction, news of literature festivals and awards, writing courses and the publishing world in general.

Paul said: "It began as a means of procrastination in the August holidays and it's taken off beyond my expectations."

She welcomes guest bloggers, PR releases and books for review, and can be contacted at


OCA Weekender magazine, 22.10.10

Bookblog for bookworms
Set up by OCA Writing tutor Diane Paul

Click above to go straight to Diane's bookblog.

Diane began a book blog recently and it's taking off. Publishers send books and PROs send releases and books - Diane reviews them and gives news of literature festivals and special writing days/weeks, anything to do with books and publishing really. She did a big piece on OCA two weeks ago. Diane is now piloting a level three course for people who want help and guidance with the development of a novel and has her first student.
To access Diane's bookblog click here.
To read the post about OCA's new mentoring course click here.


 ADHD: The Essential Guide:


'This latest book from Need2Know, ADHD-The Essential Guide, is here to help. Its easy-to-read style guides parents and carers through the process, from spotting the symptoms and getting a diagnosis to receiving treatment and finding support.' July 2008

'Having had very little experience of ADHD, I didn't really expect to find this book of much interest but I was very pleasantly surprised by the excellent, easy to understand explanation of the condition and the clear and concise advice for those who believe their children may be suffering from it...the author doesn't purport to favour any particular form of treatment over any other but merely sets out all the options available, leaving it to individuals to decide for themselves which path, if any, is the correct one for them and their child to follow.' The National Council of Psychotherapy newsletter.

 '...This informative and supportive book on a troubling and often misconstrued condition is written in a clear and practical style...This is a valuable book, an ideal first stop for parents and carers and I can see its use as a reference within the hard-pressed population of service providers in health, education and social services.' Lea Hurst, IPSEA Advisor. (Independent Panel for Special Education Advice, September 2008 e-bulletin.)

'Diane Paul's positive and supportive book is here to help.' July 2008'

The positive perspective it takes on ADHD gives parents and teachers a basis of knowledge and the information necessary to go forward.'
Derby and Derbyshire Parent Partnership

'I would recommend this book as a good guide for any parent or carer who has a child with ADHD. It would also make interesting reading for anyone working with children and young people with ADHD.'
Melanie Exley, parent of a child with ADHD, Nasen Special Magazine

'I have personally been through this experience and my child was diagnosed with this condition.  Its not an excuse for bad behaviour but a reason and one that this book helps explain.  I felt the book is written in an easy format so that any parent is not bedazzled by medicalness but clear ways of working through it all.  The book helps explain different ways of treating this condition such as drugs, food, behaviour management and more. I would recommend this book to parents and I also allowed my son to look through it too because I felt he could understand things without being scared.  I personally found the medication side effects list very useful as sometimes however much you search you get a mismatch of answers. This seems quite clear.'

Customer Reviews

Great Book
  1. Posted by Watson on 21st Aug 2010

    I chose this book as it was recently published as research findings, opinions and recommendations do change over time. This book was up-to-date, clear and concise and covers all 3 variations of ADHD. The book has lots of practical advice on how to get the best from health professionals, school assessments, and help groups etc. This is the best book I have read on the subject in terms of putting the issues across in a way that is easy to get your head round!

Other reviews appear in Term Times (July-Oct 08); Primary Times (July 2008); Independent Nurse (4 Aug 08);; (14 Aug 08); (10 Aug 08);  

BBC Radio Manchester interviews

TV and radio presenter, Heather Stott interviewed me for the second time on 24 September 2010. The first time tied in with the launch of ADHD: The Essential Guide and the second interview coincided with the launch of this year's ADHD Awareness Week. The content was about the book and how it would help parents.

The Left-Hander's Handbook:

'Everything you could possibly want to know is in The Left-hander's Handbook by Diane G Paul. Approved by the BMA, it is published by the Robinswood Press and costs £9.95.' Daily Telegraph', 2 August 2000.

'Help is at hand...for all those left-handed children out there! The Left-hander's Handbook' gives guidance to teachers and parents on how to help left-handed children, offering useful tips, especially on handwriting, and answering many frequently asked questions...' 'Junior Education', May 1999.

'Now on the other hand...Most left-handers perform most activities with little difficulty most of the time. But sometimes there are real problems, handwriting the most common, where left-handed children need special advice to help them succeed in this right-handed world. Ask a left-handed adult. The Left-Hander's Handbook provides the essential advice. This award-winning title by broadcaster and lecturer Diane G Paul at last gives teachers comprehensive guidelines (now adopted by the NFER as a research-based educational resource), a major section on handwriting skills and very much more.' 'Special Magazine', February 1999.